European Maritime Cyber
Risk Management Summit 15 June 2018

European Maritime Cyber <br>Risk Management Summit

2017 Programme

08:00 Registration, and networking coffee in the exhibition area

08:50 Welcome address from the conference chairmen
Philip Roche, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:00 The Maritime Cyber Security Landscape
Steve Williams, Partner, Moore Stephens

09:20 Q&A

SESSION ONE: Current and emerging Cyber risks facing maritime industries

Chair: Philip Roche, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

09:30  How to cope when there’s no magic solution and the goal posts keep moving

  • Operational Technologies: understand the risks
  • Safeguarding interdependent maritime systems
  • Cyber security audits: a step-by-step guide

Luis Benito, Global Strategic Marketing Manager,  Lloyd's Register

09:50 Pete Adsett, IT Manager: Infrastructure & Communications Specialist, Maritime, Certified Ethical Hacker, MOL LNG Transport (Europe)

10:10 Q&A

10:40 Coffee and networking break sponsored by Zwana

SESSION TWO: How to Mitigate Cyber Risks

11:20 Mitigating maritime cyber risks: the legal perspective:

  • Implementing appropriate technical security in relation to your use of technology and data  
  • Drafting and stress-testing cyber risk management policies and procedures and incident response plans
  • Fostering a culture of cyber-scepticism and good cyber hygiene at all levels of your organisation.

Jonathan Ball, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

11:40 Q&A

11.50  Panel Discussion
The session will refer to practical examples of how to (and how not to) effectively mitigate the cyber risks that affect the maritime industries. A range of steps can be taken in order to mitigate the cyber risks that your organisation faces. 

Talking points will include:

  • Threats are now well understood
  • The knowledge and technology exists to prevent and mitigate most threats
  • Co-operation and Leadership in the industry is key

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President of Safety and Security, Inmarsat Maritime
Colin Gillespie,
Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), North of England Club 

Kerry Davies, CEO, Abatis

13:00 Networking lunch

SESSION THREE: CSI CYBER: Cyber-Security-Insights from John Boles, Former Assistant Director, FBI, International Operations

Chair: Philip Roche, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

14:10 John Boles, Former Assistant Director, FBI, International Operations
As deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, John Boles managed FBI cyber operations and investigations. He took this experience into his last FBI posting as Assistant Director of International Operations Division.

Talking points will include:

  • Time-sensitive solutions in an ever-changing threat environment.
  • Translating technical jargon into plain speak
  • When hackers strike: moving from confusion and concern to calm and appropriate response

14:40 Q&A

SESSION FOUR: Cyber Security: case studies, operational experience and insights

Audience members will test their cyber security responses and instincts in a range of actual and potential scenarios

Chair: Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

15:00 Three interactive case-studies which will detail cyber security risks on a passenger ship, a tanker and an autonomous ship.

  • Mitigating offshore and maritime cyber risks
  • Cyber terror and the risk to maritime activities

Patrick Rossi, Maritime Cyber Security Service Manager,  DNV GL

15:30 Q&A

15:40 Coffee and networking break sponsored by Zwana

16:10  Learning from other industries’ success – unidirectional gateways for maritime cybersecurity

  • Why firewalls and software-based solutions are no longer effective against modern threats
  • Best practices for securing the perimeter of the ICS network
  • The significance of cyber insurance working in collaboration with unidirectional technology
  • Real life cyber attack scenarios including ransomware, and how to prevent them

Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder, Waterfall Security Solutions

16:30 Q&A

16:40 Cyber security for the maritime industry: An ‘immune system’ approach 

In this session, learn first-hand: 

  • Using machine learning and AI algorithms to defend against advanced cyber-threats onshore and at sea
  • How achieving 100 per cent network visibility allows you to detect and react against emerging cyber-attacks
  • Why automation is critical in enabling security teams to prioritise resources and tangibly lower risk
  • Real-world case studies of subtle, unknown cyber-threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology in IT and OT environments 

Sam Martin, Account Manager, Darktrace

17:00 Q&A

17:10 A new wave in maritime cyber crime. ​​​​

Hackers are breaking into shipping company networks, seizing sensitive information, and extorting payments

  • Negotiating with the hackers
  • Having been exposed, ensuring you’re not exploited
  • Legal options, defences and remedies?

Steven Hadwin, Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright
Aleck Burrell, Chief Operating Officer, NYA International

17:40 Q&A

17:50 Closing remarks from the conference chairmen
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media
Philip Roche, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

18:00 Drinks reception

19.00 End of summit

* Programme subject to amendments/change

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