Maritime Cyber
Risk Management Forum 25 June 2019

Maritime Cyber <br>Risk Management Forum

The Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub


A platform to showcase your ideas

If you have a strong business idea and are starting to gain traction, start-up business incubation could be the natural next step.  The Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub is a platform aimed to help transform your ideas into reality and plays a vital role in injecting commercial business growth and dynamism to the market.

Given the high calibre of attendees (shipowners, financiers, lawyers, insurers, industry associations, class, etc), this is a golden opportunity for up to 4 selected entrepreneurs to:

  • Receive expert support and advice
  • Help you validate your thinking
  • Share industry experiences, and gain invaluable knowledge
  • Gain visibility and add credibility through strategic relationships
  • Make valuable connections and get the guidance to support the vital next steps

Who is the programme for? Who should apply?

Are you an ambitious student, academic, entrepreneur or start-up founder developing a new technology-based product or service and with a viable business venture? We invite those to apply who are beyond the idea stage and have a validated proposition. To be considered at this stage, the entry requirements are as follows:

  • Have a business plan setting out what the business intends to achieve
  • Have made demonstrable progress towards execution of the plan
  • The idea must have high commercial growth potential
  • The idea must be genuinely original and appear capable of attracting investment
  • The team involved in the venture must be open to outside support and advice
  • You must be actively looking to accelerate your company to market
  • You have tested some features of your product or service with potential users to demonstrate demand

Focus areas in Maritime & Transport include:

  • Cyber Engineering
  • Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Software services
  • Digital content
  • Information security
  • IoT
  • Big data
  • Others







To apply

An Application Form will need to be completed for an application to be considered. Please note, applications can only be accepted when made using the official Riviera Maritime Media application form:


Once you have completed the application form and we have reviewed your business idea, we will invite shortlisted candidates to present their project to the jury. Shortly after your interview, we will let you know whether your application has been successful.

The Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub is guiding early stage businesses on the road to commercial success. It is open to applications from the most promising ventures and for entrepreneurial individuals. Your business will be assessed by a panel to make sure you’re the right fit.