Maritime Cyber
Risk Management Forum 25 June 2019

Maritime Cyber <br>Risk Management Forum


07.30 Registration, coffee and networking in the exhibition area

08.50 Welcome address from the conference chairmen
Philip Roche, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


This session provides up to date information on legal, regulatory and liability considerations and gives you the tools you need to build and develop an effective risk management strategy.

09.00 Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Take ownership of the GDPR legislation
  • How to respond quickly and proficiently to limit the damage and potential liability that could arise as and when things go wrong?
  • How to effectively get the compliance right

Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

09.20 Cyber risk management - the guidelines on cyber security onboard ships

  • Identifying roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying systems, assets, data and capabilities that pose risks to ship operations when disrupted
  • Protect, detect, respond and recover: implementing risk control measures and contingency plans to provide resilience and restore systems vital for ship operations impacted by a cyber incident.

Julian Abril Garcia, Head of Facilitation, Subdivision for Maritime Security and Facilitation, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

09.40 Insurance cover for liability and property damage arising from a cyber incident

  • Distinguish between the different aspects of the term “cyber”
  • Ensure that you are acting with reasonable care in your approach to managing cyber risk
  • Exclusion clauses - What losses are and aren’t covered by P&I insurance, which could arise from a cyber incident, and are not in the nature of third-party liabilities arising from the operation of the ship?

10.00 Q&As

10.20 Coffee and networking break


As there still seems to be an attitude of ‘it won’t happen to me’, How many shipping companies have understood the risks that satellite and onboard equipment bring? These case study presentations allow you to understand what ship owners are doing and not doing. How are they trying to cope, and which measures are they taking?

11.00 Braced for the next cyber breach

  • How the Cyber-attack happened?
  • How was it dealt with and what steps were taken?
  • What were the consequences?
  • What were the cost implications?
  • What was the follow up to the cyber threat? Contingency plan

11.20 What can be learnt from a cyber-attack case study?

  • Where to start? How to take essential and necessary good first steps?
  • What is the protocol between onboard and ashore systems when strange connections and unusual plugging are detected?
  • How to test the security of the ship systems?
  • How service providers improve business security, helping companies implementing digitalisation and implementing programmes?

11.40 Securely riding the digitalisation wave

  • Cyber threats framework analysis
  • How equipment suppliers can be more accommodating by allowing new innovative products to be installed and prevent cyber-attacks?
  • How ship owners can constantly and uniformly upgrade their systems around all ships?

12.00 Q&As


12.20 What is the magnitude of cyber risk?
Based on a cyber-attack scenario, you will be able to discuss the possible outcomes and solutions and highlight the complexity of the maritime cyber security sector. This will give you the opportunity to verify your own ideas and plans:

  • The problem is now, but what is the real magnitude of cyber risk?
  • Business security challenges to the exponential growth of the IoT. Are you on the verge of being attacked?
  • How do we convince the main boards of shipping companies to take cyber risks seriously?
  • Find the right balance and allocate a budget to reduce risk exposure and implement it

Chaired by Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media
Ken Munro, Consultant, Pen Test Partners

13.20 Networking lunch


This session will help ports and maritime operations understand and appraise the cyber security threats, balance digital opportunities with new cyber threats and raise cyber security to an acceptable level.

14.30 Resilience planning - Maritime ports to up their game in cybersecurity

  • A solid cyber security plan is a must in any modern port. How ready are you?
  • Identifying actions for when a cyber event will occur
  • Planning for protection against threats or categories of threats
  • Creating a response plan that clarifies action and provides an incident response team

14.40 The challenges posed by cybersecurity – no one is immune

  • Getting one step ahead of cybercriminals
  • Grow your cybersecurity at the same pace as the implementation of digital services
  • Go from reacting to security incidents to preventing them
  • How do you shift the port organisational culture?

Senior Representative, Darktrace

15.00 Q&As

15.20 Coffee and networking break


What should the industry do to reduce cyber risks? Should cyber security responsibilities be moved up a level and from IT to Operations? A change in approach to the problem needs to occur. Stakeholders are spreading the risk awareness beyond those who are ready and engaged to those who aren’t to defeat the cyber threat.

16.00 Panel Discussion: The weakest link: the role of human error in cybersecurity

  • The importance of crew awareness to achieve more integrated risk management
  • What tools are available to train staff onboard and ashore?
  • What resources and capabilities do ship companies have?
  • Security through collaboration - Combining ideas and experiences, such as a global Cybercrime reporting portal, for the benefit of the maritime community

Chaired by Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

16.40 Q&As


17.00 Chair: Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub serves as an innovative start-up incubator, designed to help develop ideas and early stage projects by tapping into the knowledge, skills and connections of attendees.

This session offers an inside track on early stage projects and the potential to capitalise on first mover advantage.

  • The opportunity for 4 shortlisted innovators, corporates, academics or engineers to pitch their research projects on topics such as threat analytics, biometric authentication and IoT security.
  • Entrepreneurs have up to 3 minutes for their pitch
  • Followed by 4 minutes for feedback of any kind - insights, questions, provocations designed to help develop the idea and make it a reality. This offers practical on-the-spot help and advice for entrepreneurs seeking input to their study proposal, at any stage of the research process.

Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub is for people who care about cyber technology and risk, to get fresh ideas, identify new opportunities and expand business and professional networks.

To find out how to present your research at the Riviera Maritime Media Cyber Security Hub, please contact for more information.

17.40 Closing remarks from the conference chairmen
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media
Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

17.45 Drinks reception in the Terrace Suite (9th floor) 

19.00 End of forum

* Programme subject to amendments/change

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